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Gianfala and Son, Inc. was founded in 1939 in Church Point, Louisiana to provide welding and machine shop services to the local Farming and Oil and Gas Industries by Vito J. Gianfala, Sr. and his son Sebastian "Subby" L. Gianfala, seen above. He was joined later by his second son Vito J. Gianfala, Jr., also seen above later in life, after both sons returned back to the business after serving their country in WWII. Eventually Vito, Sr.’s daughters, Evelyn Gianfala Gravel and Ninfa Gianfala Guidry joined the business as well as several grandchildren and great grandchildren.
These original services included machine shop and welding repairs to farm tractors, plows and crude oil powered rice field irrigation pumps.  The exploration for oil and natural gas in the area also led to the need for their welding and machine shop serices.  Many days were spent rigging-up and maintaining the then used steam powered rotary drilling rigs as well as the production facilities needed after a successful well was discovered. 
Our main focus today is to provide temporary laborers to work under the direct direction and control of the customer.  This labor can supplement our customers personnel to provide Production Facility Installation and Maintenance, Production Consulting, Roustabout Crew Labor, Welding Labor and Heavy Equipment with Operator Services.  It is not unusual for us to provide the same services from time to time to the local farmers in return for a sack or two of crawfish for boiling or a spot in their fields for a dove hunt.

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